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Selecting a place to dine out or to even grab a sandwich seems pretty easy! But how do you know that the place you are choosing is clean and handling your food safely behind the kitchen doors?. helps you make the best decision by providing information concerning restaurant health inspections from all over the United States.

Be sure you spend your money at the locations that have the best compliance in food handling, food temperature, personal hygience and vermin control.

Don't risk your safety, make sure that the restaurants you visit have passed health department inspections.


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Los Angeles County

Searchable database of Los Angeles County's food facility closure..


New York City Depa

Use this tool to search New York City's restaurant inspection rep..


San Antonio, TX -

Video from WOAI TV, San Antonio, TX. Kitchen Cops series, review..


Maricopa County

Food establishment inspections for Maricopa County including Phoe.. - The Best SandwichesIf you love sandwiches, is a site you must visit. Informative articles and reviews of the best (and not so great) sandwiches in the U.S. Join for free and share your own sandwich reviews! - The Best PizzaWhen you need a slice of the very best pizza only will provide you with a variety of informative articles and reviews of the best (and not so great) pizzas. Join for free and share your own pizza reviews! - The Best HamburgersNo matter how you like your hamburger will provide you with a variety of informative articles and reviews of the best (and not so great) hamburgers from across the United States.. Join for free and share your own burger reviews!

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Delaware - Division of Public Health

There are over 3,000 establishments serving food in the State of Delaware. The Division of Public Health regularly inspects these locations and provides an online datbas..


Waterbury, CT Health Department

The Waterbury, CT Health Department provides a listing of food service and restaurants in their city along with the current food service score (1 to 100)...


Stamford, CT Restaurant Rating

The City of Stamford, CT provides a restaurant rating system of 1 to 4 chef's hats (along with smiley faces)...


Norwalk, CT Health Department

The Norwalk, CT Health Department provides very basic restaurant ratings based on a "Lighthouse" system or 1 to 3 Lighthouses. ..


Boulder County, CO

Boulder County, Colorado offers a database of their restaurant inspections as well as complete explanations...


Jefferson County, CO

Jefferson County provides a seachable database of restaurant inspections...


Larimer County, CO

Larimer County provides information concerning their restaurant inspections...


Tri-County Health Department, CO

The Tri-County health department servers the Colorado counties of Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas...


Denver, CO Enviornmental Health

Restaurant health inspection reports for the city of Denver, CO are available in a searchable database. ..


Alabama Department of Public Health

Alabama provides a search database that permits you to get a health score for any restaurant or food service establishment. The search engine allows searching by name, c..


San Antonio, TX - Kitchen Cops (WOAI)

Video from WOAI TV, San Antonio, TX. Kitchen Cops series, reviews recent restaurant inspection health reports...


Nassau County, NY (Long Island)

Inspection Reports for a specific restaurant are available by filing a written Freedom of Information request. Contact the Office of Food Protection at 516-227-9717 week..

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